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Simple Home Appliance Maintenance Tricks can
Lead to Big Savings on Repairs

Buying a new appliance can be a wonderful feeling.  Unfortunately many people in Bountiful simply hook up their new purchases and never give it a second thought until something goes wrong.  It might surprise people to know that most home appliances require regular maintenance to perform well.  Performing these simple maintenance items regularly can avoid costly repairs down the road.

Any appliance that has a filter will need regular maintenance. A clogged filter can cause major problems for many Woods Cross home appliances leading to the need for repairs.  It’s common for air filters in furnaces and air conditioners to be changed regularly.  However, many other home appliances also require regular filter maintenance.  Refrigerators and dishwashers are two examples that have filters few people in Bountiful know about and change. If these filters become too full the unit will begin to use more electricity, and decrease the effectiveness at the same time.  Since this forces the appliance to work harder, it can even cause major problems that may lead to a breakdown. Check the owner's manual or manufacturer’s website for maintenance instructions to change the filter. You can also call one of the repair technicians at Charlie Fuller’s in Woods Cross for assistance.

Performing regular electrical maintenance can also greatly extend the life of your home appliances. Check the wiring coming out of the unit and follow it all the way to the end of the plug looking for fraying or visible wires.  Unplug it from the outlet and check to make sure the posts of the plug are still in solid condition.  If anything appears to have an issue make sure to call a Bountiful appliance repair company before plugging it back in. 

Finding wiring problems early can avoid shorts or other issues that can create more significant, costly repairs.  This maintenance also helps to eliminate the risk of fires.  While checking the wiring, it’s also a good idea to perform maintenance on any water lines at the same time.  Fridges, washers, and dishwashers all have water lines going into them, and some also have drain lines going out of them.  To avoid leaks and possible flooding or water damage look for lines that appear to be in poor condition.  Dried, faded, or cracked lines are signs that a problem is forming and may need repair.

Regular cleaning your appliances is also a good idea.  Not only does it create a more sanitary home environment, but this simple maintenance can extend the life of your appliances as well.  For example, if the interior of a washing machine has become soiled and dirty it could lead to a clogged filter or drain which can be costly to repair. 

If during routine maintenance you find signs of trouble, it’s always best to have the appliance professionally checked.  Companies such as Charlie Fuller’s in Woods Cross can come and give you an estimate of how much the repair will cost.  Finding an honest and upfront company should be a top priority.  Charlier Fuller’s takes pride in giving their Bountiful, and Woods Cross customers an honest quote and laying out as many maintenance and repair options as possible.